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The Northern Lights

 The Northern Lights can also be seen at Hammarstrands Camping.

The northern lights are best seen if the days are shorter. This is from late September to March. During the summer it will not be dark enough to see the beautiful natural phenomenon. In addition, it does not have to be a night or cold to see the northern lights. The northern light is caused by the charged particles of the sun, and has nothing to do with temperature as long as it's dark. With a cold night you are often more likely to have a clear sky. Once dark, you can observe the northern lights. It can be in the afternoon if it's dark enough. We therefore inform you that during your visit to Hammarstrands Camping, you have a clear sky, with little to no moonlight and plenty of northern lights!

Before the science came up with the explanation for the rise of the pole light, there were several explanations for the pole light in the folklore and mythologies of different cultures. The image of life and death, the connection with the spirit world and the battle between supernatural powers in heaven are an example. It is also thought that the phenomenon was terrifying to many people.

In the Middle Ages, some Europeans saw the red-hot aurora as a sign of evil, war and bloodshed. There are also other ways of thinking. For example, there was a Norwegian who thought in the year 1250 that the ice in Greenland generated so much power that the light of the aurora could be ignited.

Other Scandinavians wondered whether it was a reflection of the sea or even a school herring.

The Cree Indians believed that who died, ended up in a dancing spirit - the spirit of the aurora. They have always considered the Aurora to be holy. Also the folklore and mythology of peoples, such as the New Zealand Maori, are full of references to the Aurora's, or "burning the sky." (source Wikipedia)

Come and enjoy this beautiful natural phenomenon for free.

Slapende olifant noorderlicht .JPG

This photo was taken by Andreas Göransson, who lives in Ragunda, Hammarstrand. This is the Vättaberget also called the sleeping elephant.

Thank you Andreas.


Come and enjoy these beautiful gifts

Noorderlicht Camping
6 nov 2021 CB
Slapende olifant noorderlicht
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