Hiking in Forsaleden

One hour drive from Hammarstrands camping you will find Forsaleden

One of the most beautiful hiking trails of Bräcke.
The Forsa area is an interesting and legendary place with a magnificent nature. This hiking area runs 7 km along the Forsa river through a stony woodland area with nature-shaped swimming possibilities and water slides. Along the path are signs with information about the cultural history of this region, and there are several picnic areas and swimming places. The sights of this hiking trail include rock paintings from the Stone Age, the remains of the old farm Forsagården, one of the largest and most famous farms in the area, and the Iron Age digging. The area has a rich flora and, above all, thanks to the lime rich mountain soil, we find several rare plants.




Forest trail that runs over and around stony fields.

Along the path are information boards in English and Swedish.

Windshields can be found at Forsa, Herrevadsströmmen and the so-called Fäbodvallen. Map: Terängkartan 687 Gällö.

The Forsafallet waterfall and a salmon ladder can be seen from the northern entrance at the beginning of the road.

The farm Forsagården
The remains of the largest and most famous farms in this area. Forsagårdens ödesböle - a cultural monument for a settlement taken in Viking age. At www.forsa.se you will find more information about the history of Forsagården.

Rock paintings
Along the river Forsaån there are 5 different rock paintings. They were discovered in 1992. These paintings are very rare and are over 3000 years old.

Tomb from the Iron Age
After about 3 kilometers from the northern driveway.

A white-painted pole as a memorial for three people drowned here. In 1895 mother of Forsa walked over the ice to get her two sons to celebrate home Christmas. On the way back they dropped through the ice and drowned.

Settlements from the Stone Age
One in the northwest of Kvarnselet, along the beach side and at Långnäset there are still a number of. At Forsanäset there are brittle burned stones that were used as a cooking place. Here are also quarters of quartz and quartzite.

Just along the shores of the lake, in a marked place, there is an unimportant hope of stone, which is most likely to originate in the Iron Age.

Northern driveway: E14, Pilgrimstad - Revsund. Turn right towards Våge. Table in Våge, turn left towards Höviken. Along the road are signs. GPS WGS84DD 62.89868, 14.96769
Southern entrance: E14, Gällö - Revsund - Bodsjö. 1 kilometer from Herrevadströmmen. GPS WGS84DD 62.85717, 15.00465

Parking 30 SEK for a car.

Take care in this area with regard to smooth stones and water flowing is about running water! In case of accidents, bei 112.

Do not forget!
Keep on the paths and turn on only fire at the designated hobs. Do not leave any trash.


For more information
Call the tourist information Bräcke. Phone: + 46 (0) 693 100 00 www.bracke.se