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On the road with the dog sled a real experience.

Nature here in the middle / north of Sweden is like a fairytale in winter. Come and enjoy this white world and drive the dog sled yourself you will have a time of your life that you will never forget.

Within an hour's drive you are in the vast forests. What do we do. We meet at a place and there we meet our host / hostess who take us deep into the forest. After an introduction to the dogs and learning how to handle the sled, we place the dogs in front of the sled and we go on a journey in the white nature. Here you can enjoy the peace, space, nature and of course the dogs.

There are several options for going out, for example:


A nice adventure 3/4 hour, we go over lakes and through the forests, we stop for lunch that has to be prepared yourself. We can rest a bit, but certainly the dogs can rest. Then we continue through the beautiful quiet white nature. If you have any allergies, please let us know. Feel free to contact us for special wishes for a birthday, for example.

A beautiful tour of 1.5 hours, during this tour you have the time to see and experience the fantastic feeling behind a dog team in the beautiful white and quiet nature. Sit back and let the dogs and driver do the work. It is certainly possible to drive the dog sled and the dogs yourself. 

We can also put together a trip especially for you, everything is possible, please contact us.

Come and enjoy the dogs' silence, peace nature in a beautiful white world.

Check our price list for prices.

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