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Walking with the GPS

Directly from the campsite you can enjoy hiking. We have set out GPS routes, the app is called Wikiloc and can be downloaded for free in the App store or in Google Play. In the Wikiloc app, the routes are stored under Hammarstrands camping.


Scan the QR code in the free Wikiloc app and start enjoying the walk.

Route 1 de blue 1.6 KM

route 1.png
QR 1.png

Route 5 7,4 KM

Route 5 Pålgård.png
QR 5 .png

Route 2 2.9 KM 

route 2.png
QR 2.png

Route 6 5.3 KM

route 6.png
QR 6.png

Route 3 de pink route 1 KM 

route 2.png
QR 3.png

Route 7 3.5 KM

wikiloc 7 foto .png
wikiloc 8 .png

Route 4 5.7 KM 

route 4 .png
QR 4.png

Route 8  8.5 KM

wikiloc foto 8.png
wikoloc 7.png
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