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Dick Bewarp made his dream come true and moved out into the wilderness to build his own cowboy house.

A crazy former hard rocker who is tired of the city, people and stress fled to Norrland. There - without education or experience - Dick Bewarp built an American-inspired log house in Mårdsjön, 70 km outside Östersund. He has barked each log himself and everything is handmade down to the smallest detail.

I've always had a dream of living like a real cowboy in Alaska. To live out in the wild among mountains, forests and lakes.

On a plot with two hectares of land, forest and its own lake, construction began, which took three years to complete. Now the cowboy hut is ready and Dick lives there with his three pit bull dogs.

How did you come up with the idea?

I beg for that lifestyle as a lone wolf with a beard, ax and rocking chair and then you have to have a log cabin. The thing is, I wanted a challenge. I have never built anything in my whole life and thought to build a log cabin without experience must be the world's challenge.

How could you afford it?

If you build it yourself, it does not have to cost the shirt. It is labor that is expensive. I bought 300 pine logs from the neighbor and from them I sawed joists, panels, floorboards, etc. The only wood material I bought new was the trolley and the raw sheet piling for the roof.

What has been the hardest?

- Bark the logs… it took me a whole year! To stand outside in - 20 ° in the middle of winter and work with the logs that weighed over 500 kg. Had I known before how much work it was, I would not have done it.


What are you going to do now?

Honestly, after three years of toil, ten hours a day, it actually felt shady when the house was finally finished. It was just like I retired… nothing to do and I wondered

What the hell am I going to invent now !?

When you have built your dream house, it is difficult to top it with another challenge. Maybe build a boat, climb Everest or go to the moon… yes, yes we will see…

Facts about the house:

128 sqm ground floor with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and a large living room of 64 sqm.
• 64 sqm upstairs with 2 bedrooms, living room, small bathroom and storage • On each long side of the shed there is a covered porch of 4 sqm each.
• Shallow, gravel bed 20 cm, 18 x 18m + 25 square boulders
• Roof insulation 40 cm, floor insulation 30 cm. No insulation in the walls, the logs are the same on the outside as inside.
• Heating takes place via geothermal heat, 2 x 250m collector hose and a Nibe heat pump 8 kw.
• Water-borne underfloor heating on the entire ground floor. Folklore 3-glazed windows.
• Front door Diplomat (which I put black fittings on to get a Mexican look.

Visiting address:


Dick Bewarp
Mårdsjön 511
84495 Stugun




Cowboy Hut - Hours of Operation (SEK 100/person).
July: Saturday-Sunday 12.00-14.00
hours August: Saturday-Sunday 12.00-14.00

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