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Diskgolf on top of kullstabacken.

On top of the Kullstabacken ski slope in Hammarstrand is a Diskgolf course. You can play disc golf for free here. You can borrow the frisbees at the reception of the campsite.

What is Diskgolf ?

Disc golf is a sport that is played professionally, but also a fun and exciting leisure activity. It combines mental and physical challenges while providing social interaction in a pleasurable way.

Disc golf is a fast growing sport in the world and for good reason. It is easy to get started with, but at the same time very difficult to master. It is easily accessible: the equipment is not as expensive as many other sports and most courses in the country are free to play. You can play with others or against yourself. Above all, it is a challenging and fun (and sometimes frustrating..) sport!

The game has the same basic idea as regular golf or mini golf. You have to get from a certain point (draft) to a target (golf basket) in as few throws as possible. It is important to pass obstacles such as trees, ponds and shrubs, often in hilly terrain and with varying wind conditions. To deal with this requires throwing skills and a good knowledge of the flight characteristics of the disc. The hole, or golf basket, consists of a metal stand with a round basket and chains hanging above the basket. The chains slow the disc and then drop it into the basket.

A course usually consists of 9, 12 or 18 holes. The length of the holes varies from 65m to 300m. Lengths that are far from miniature golf, but also slightly shorter than percussion golf. From two to five throws are usually ideal results on the holes, depending on the length and difficulty. The ideal result for a hole is called a "pair".


Rules of the game

The goal is to get the disc to rest in the basket with as few throws as possible.

  1. Normally the starting order is drawn on the first hole. When everyone has thrown, always have whoever is farthest from the basket throws again, regardless of whether it is the same player throwing multiple times in a row. The disc is thrown from where it came to rest. On the next hole, the person who made the fewest throws on the hole before throws.

  2. All throws are counted until the disc is in the basket.

  3. The player who has used the fewest number of throws after all holes on the course wins.

  4. Be mindful of other people staying in the area. Do not throw the drive away if there is even the slightest risk of hitting other people with your drive.

  5. Trees and branches are part of the game, bending or breaking is prohibited!

  6. Disc golf is a quiet game, the main thing is to have fun.

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