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Cycling in the municipality of Ragunda

It is also possible to rent bicycles at Hammarstrands camping. You will receive a bicycle map or GPS routes for your phone. We know the way, you will come to the most beautiful places where you normally never come.


On request we can also provide a filled picnic basket for on the go so that you can enjoy the nature around you. Do not forget your swimwear, you will probably come across a lovely spot where you can swim.



Högforsen is 10 minutes by car and you can enjoy mountain biking here. The terrain is winding and has various gradients. It is a diverse terrain with different tree species, streams, bridges and even a real wooden power station. The trails in the Högforsen Recreation Area are known for being something very special and have been part of the great Ragunda 100 miles race. There are trails that meander over pine locks, through pine forests and along sandy forest roads, trails that meander up and down mountain ridges. Sometimes at a great height with a view and sometimes deep in the valleys. Everything is surrounded by the cool rocks of Ragudnadalen because it is hilly here. Högforsen has been called one of the most bear-dense forests in Sweden so pay attention.

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