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The Reva Mountain (Revaberget) is located about 7 miles south of Bispgården and 2.5 miles south of the Held Rapids factory, right along the west side of Indalsälven. In the reserve is a beautiful waterfall, Meåfallet, or as the locals call it Lugnåfallet. It is a place that is easily accessible. The waterfall has a fall height of 30 m and the spring water plunges steeply and flows down towards the Indalsälven.
An interesting area with a unique flora characterized by lime-loving species. Shaggy moss (Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus [Kranshakmossa]), dominates the bottom layer almost everywhere soil moisture and other vegetation permit.
A variety of wildlife is concentrated here in a relatively small area and many of the endangered or otherwise rare species are found here with an unusually large number of species. In a number of parts of the nature reserve, pastures were grazed and harvested up to the mid-50s. There are conditions to find the tree squirrel. When the water in the Indalsälven was regulated in the 1950s, a beach was created between the mountain and the river. There you will find one of Jämtland's largest specimens of the rice rice plant

Exit at Bispgården from road 87 and take road 86 towards Utanede. In Utanede, turn left to the river and Hölleforsen power plant. Drive over the power plant dam and then turn left. Where the power plant area ends, a small gravel road takes over. After about 1.5 kilometers you reach the Revaberget nature reserve and after another two kilometers you reach Meåfallet and the parking lot there.


62.915399, 16.670527 

Go with our guide to Meå fallet.

You can also set off with our guide to Meå fallet the 30-metre high waterfall and we'll do the old Norwegian border stone at the same time. This is a fantastic nature hike and our guide will tell you all about the origins and nature and its animals. If you are quiet you might even spot beavers. This hike includes lunch.

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mea fallet
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