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On the way with a guide to the most beautiful places in the Ragunda Valley

What could be better than taking a nice long walk through nature?
In this activity, our guide will take you on a guided hike through the woods and along
rivers and streams. He also tells along the way about the beautiful Ragunda Valley and all the
beautiful things to see. Of course we occasionally interrupt the hike for a rest or to enjoy
1 of the many beautiful views to enjoy and a real Swedish Fika can of course not

be missing.


We have different routes and distances that can be walked, this to everyone the best possible service and to provide an experience appropriate for you.

Aufbruch mit unserem Guide zum Meå fallet

Sie können auch mit unserem Führer zum 30 Meter hohen Wasserfall Meå fallet aufbrechen und gleichzeitig den alten norwegischen Grenzstein besuchen. Dies ist eine fantastische Naturwanderung, bei der Ihnen unser Guide alles über die Ursprünge und die Natur und ihre Tiere erzählt. Wenn Sie leise sind, können Sie vielleicht sogar Biber sehen. Diese Wanderung beinhaltet ein Mittagessen.

Guided tour of Döda Fallet National Park 

Set off with our guide in the Döda Fallet National Park. In 3 hours our guide will tell you about the biggest natural disaster in Sweden and the origin of the Döda Fallet. Followed by a beautiful nature walk, our guide won't stop talking about the beautiful Ragunda Valley with its nature and animals. We stop somewhere for a delicious Swedish Fika (coffee and sweets)

With our guide to the old historic suspension bridge.


Our guide will take you to the old historic suspension bridge and tell you all about its creation and maintenance. But also tells about nature and animals and the beautiful Ragunda valley. This walk lasts 3 hours including a campfire at the hide with a delicious lunch. 

The running water hike.

This includes 3 running waters and is a guided hike along the southern bank of the Indalsälven River where we hike to the 30-metre-high waterfall Meåfallet, a short but beautiful hike through a nature reserve with a visit to the Norwegian border stone.
By car, we then drive over the hydroelectric power station and head to the north side of the Indalsälven where we resume the hike. Again in a nature reserve and where we follow a beautiful rugged stream.
Total is about 4.5 hours with breaks and explanations of the flora and fauna, including fika and a campfire lunch along the way.

For prices, check our price list, or ask at reception. 

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