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Geocaching in Ragunda.

In Sweden Geocaching is very popular, in the municipality of Ragunda there are also a lot of geocaches of various kinds. It is a nice hobby to get to places where you otherwise will not come, think of nature waterfalls, beautiful grill places with a very nice view or churches, buildings much though there are also more information given where you are and what you see it is also instructive. It is also fun to do this with children, children are crazy about seeking treasure.

Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt where you can find the right place where the treasure is hidden by means of coordinates. Everyone who participates in the game can thus hide a geocache and search for other caches. Once you have found a geocache, log your name in the log and put the geocache back in the same place so that the next geocacher can find it again. Geocaching is done with a GPS or via the smartphone with a geocaching app, this app can be downloaded for free in the app store or play store. 

There are different types of geocaches:  


      Traditionele geocaches:


With these geocache types you immediately get the final coordinates where the geocache / treasure is hidden. On the spot where the geocache is hidden, you need to find a treasure with a log where you can write your geocache name as proof that you found it.



You will not find the final geocache at the coordinates you see on this website with this type of geocaches. The aim of multi geocaches is that you go from point to point based on coordinates that you will have to collect via hints. Here you will often see the term waypoint again. Waypoints in the geocache world are a kind of waypoints where you will find a hint that will lead you to the next waypoint or the final geocache treasure. How many waypoints there are in a multi geocache or its length can sometimes be found in the description, but often that is a surprise, so you'll definitely be happy for a few hours during a nice walk. An example of a geocaching waypoint can be seen here, meaning that you go to that next point looking for the next waypoint or the cache itself. 


     Mysterie geocache or puzzel caches:

Some also write this as mystery geocaches. Just like the multi geocaches, you will see coordinates where the final geocache will not lie. With this type of geocaches you will first have to do some thinking before you can enter the field. You will often have to solve a puzzle or puzzle that will allow you to find the geocache coordinates. What also often happens is that a mystery geocache will be used as a bonus of a series of traditional geocaches or multicaches, where in each geocache of a series you get part of the puzzle to solve the bonus geocache.



     Letterbox hybride geocaches:

These geocaches are very similar to the traditional geocaches, but differ in that there is a stamp in this letterbox geocaches. This stamp is unique to the geocache and is no goodie or ruilitem and the stamp must of course be put back in the geocache. This form of geocaches comes from 'letterboxing', a sort of treasure hunt in which clues are used instead of. coordinates.


Geocach map of Ragunda with hidden treasures

geocaching kaart nieuw.PNG

Watch out geochacing is very addicting, if you have the taste of geochaching then you will not let go. !!!!!!!

Some examples of geocaching:

images (1).jpg
download (2).jpg
images (4).jpg
images (2).jpg
download (1).jpg
images (3).jpg

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