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The Big five  Zweden 

The brown bear - sleepy predator that loves berries

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The brown bear also comes to Ragunda for it is regularly spotted, you can also see the brown bear from a shelter.

The brown bear takes a long nap in winter and wakes up just in time for spring to look ahead. During the winter he also takes care of the birth of his young. A newborn baby bear weighs only 500 grams and is as small as a squirrel!

The bear is a peaceful omnivore. In the spring, the bear digs out tasty ants. He likes to eat a lot of blueberries and other plants. And sometimes he hunts and eats meat, such as moose.

The wolf - the ancestor of our dogs

Wolves live in families and are very shy. The wolves are known for their howls. They howl to tell each other where they are or to warn other wolves that the area is occupied. The male wolf in Scandinavia weighs 45-55 kilograms. The females are slightly smaller and weigh 35-45 kilograms. The shoulder height of an adult wolf is 65-85 centimeters. The length, from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, is 140-200 cm, with the tail being 30-35 cm long. When the wolf chews bones, the poo turns white!


The wolverine likes to be alone


The wolverine especially likes his own company. Like a long-legged badger, with large legs and a long bushy tail, the wolverine travels over large areas of our mountain range in Sweden

The large legs act as flexible snowshoes when the snow freezes low and it gets sharper.

The wolverine is not a sweetheart, but walk around a bit when you come across one in Ragunda.

There are about 400,000 moose in Sweden

It may not be Sweden's most dangerous animal, but it is definitely Sweden's superstar. In summer the moose population in Sweden is estimated at 300,000 - 400,000 moose.

It is impressive to meet a moose, behind the camping site in the forest I encountered an angry moose bull during the Bronze Age when we were walking the dogs. But usually we encounter friendly moose on our Eland safaris, so we stay at a suitable distance. Elk can live up to 25 years old and 2 meters high. They are also tough guys, as the male moose can weigh up to 850 kilos.

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The lynx is Sweden's largest cat


The Lynx is perhaps the hardest of all mammals in Sweden to find. Few people will ever see a Lynx at random. The Lynx is the largest feline in Europe, and Sweden's third largest predator (after the brown bear and wolf). The Lynx lives in all parts of Sweden. Most likely to spot a Lynx is in the early mornings, as they are most active around sunrise and sunset. The Lynx has powerful legs with slightly longer hind legs for good jumping and the large ears are decorated with striking black tufts that make it easy to recognize.

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