Walking in Ragunda.

From Hammarstrands camping you can walk, with the dog, nice and alone or with his two. You can walk along the river or just do a shopping in the village. All routes are written out. For some routes you have to drive a short distance, but we have also thought of driving here by means of ball arrow can not be easier.

The real sports enthusiasts can walk to the top of Kullstabacken the ski piste is about 1.5 hours and 1 hour back but then there is as reward a very nice view on the top is also a shelter, you can also make a fire make note if you leave again that it is good.

For the people who want to drive a bit, there are routes to beautiful places in Ragunda where you can walk. We have plotted the route by means of a ball arrow.

You can also walk from the campsite to the cross-country ski run. This is a lovely round and you can see everything on the way. The old church in Pålgård is also a nice walk.


10 minutes by car and you are at the parking lot of Getgrottan the goat cave just past the town of Ragunda. From the parking lot it is 10 minutes walk to the goat cave, please note it is not all fall and it is in the forest so it can be humid. But take along some sausages and sandwiches and feel free to make a fire. It is so quiet here.

Just before the town of Ragunda is a nice walk in winter you can go cross-country skiing here and in the summer. Park the car at the old army barns walk a bit through and you come at the beginning of the skidspåret enjoy the peace and quiet.

My favorite for a wonderful walk with the dog. Meå Fallet. Meå Fallet is another waterfall that we also have Döda fallet that does not work anymore. But Meå fallet is really fooling you. You arrive by car and drive a short distance into the path, the path is very bumpy. Then it is almost 3 KM walk along the Indalsläven and fortunately all flat, if you do not make too much gelid you see the beaver maybe you see his work otherwise. There will be beautiful quiet spots along the river. Please note Meå fallet hud fools you, after about 2900 meters a waterfall against that is not the waterfall we are looking for a little bit and go near the sign the forest is note it is not here anymore and we are in the forest so it can be slippery.

A little further on the long path is still an old Gränssten (border stone)

We have already mentioned Döda Fallet (The Dead Waterfall) at 15 car minutes from Hammarstrands camping. Here you can walk over the waterfall they have beautiful wooden bridges laid out enough places to sit and rest and enjoy the beautiful nature around you. Tip not only walk on the wooden bridges but also go to the river forest in it is beautiful here.

doda fallet.jpg

10 minutes drive away is Högforssen this is a beautiful area for walking in the middle of the forest very well signified goes up and down when you are quiet you see the beaver, you come to a waterfall that still generates electricity everything is here from wood . We have been lucky a few times that we have met Santa. In the winter it is excellent cross-country skiing here.

The Hängbronn or the hanging bridge. It is made of wood and runs over the Indalsälven. You can get there in two ways, both walks are beautiful it goes up and down a bit, but that is almost everywhere in and around Ragunda. Do not forget the sausages for the campfire. A voluntary contribution is requested for the maintenance of the old bridge is not mandatory but it is allowed. This is one of my favorite spots. .

Just past Bispgården on the 87 you take a forest road on this you follow 8 KM and then you reach Åsbodarna. Billtjärns nature reserve there are signs that you can follow. You do not see anyone here, only birds that whistle all day and night. The birds are not shy they come to you and are very curious. There are many pine trees with many beard moss, this beard moss indicates how pure the air in this area is, the more beard moss the more pure the air. Here is no forestry this is a natural forest there have been many forest fires over the years that can also be seen from the bark on the trees. You can encounter all sorts of animals here, so be quiet but on your guard.

The reward a magnificent view.

Vättaberget or the sleeping elephant. Is a brisk walk 10 minutes from the campsite. It is uphill and there is a geocache trail of 16 geocaches you must have walked. If you come upstairs then the view is great, do not forget to bring drinks and food. Highly recommended.

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