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Dear guests,

We hereby provide information on how Hammarstrands camping deal with the corona virus (Covid-19).

We are open. We follow the development of the situation closely in order to continuously work according to the guidelines and recommendations of the authorities.

Regardless of covid-19, our first priority will always be the safety and experience of our guests. However, we think it is extremely important to point out now that we are taking the extra steps that are necessary to give you a great holiday and to be able to relax properly.

Your stay with us

For those of you staying in a motorhome, caravan or tent. You will stay in your own accommodation, making you feel as safe as at home.

For those staying in our cottages: We will clean them extra carefully between the different rental periods. For this, temporary cleaning costs will be charged. We will clean the stugas ourselves with extra attention to disinfect areas that are touched a lot, such as lamp knobs and handles.

There is a lot of space on our campsite and between the cottages. This allows you to stay in your own environment without having contact with others.

A lot of time is spent outdoors during camping holidays. Due to the location of our company, this automatically means that you get fresh (uncontaminated) air.

Keep your distance, also at the service house.

Hygiene and extra cleaning routines

We plan additional rounds of cleaning in our common areas, such as service hous and kitchen. We pay extra attention to disinfecting buttons, handles and areas that are often touched.

Soap and handdesinfectionis available in all service hous, so it is always possible to wash hands and we urge all guests to do this often and accurately.


Our café is open as usual, we have takeaway meals and the terrace is widely spaced to enjoy in a safe space. Bread service and breakfast is every morning between 8.30am and 9.30am.

If you are not feeling well, have a fever, cough, sneeze, cold or flu, we ask you to stay at home !

See you at Hammarstrands Camping. Rob and Brenda

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