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Iceskating and more Östersund

If you drive an hour over road number 87, you come to Östersund, ice cream on all sides in Sweden's winter city

Every year in February, a large layer of ice cream is coming on the Storsjö near Östersund. For years, they have been waving a job for the skate lovers. But they did not stay there because they also made a hiking trail and cross country trail. Within the shortest time, ice is more popular than the main street of this cozy town on the edge of the Swedish wilderness.


In Östersund it is busy on the ice, also for the youngest. Here is the adventure: skating, sledding, cross country skiing or hiking, all on the Storsjö.
Östersund is not called Winterstad (Winter City) for nothing, here you really experience winter in all its facets. From a wooden bowl in the warm waters overlooking the ski slopes between the woods and cross-country skiers and skaters passing by the lake. Östersund is a small cozy city with many hotels, restaurants and nightlife, and therefore has everything the Dutch skater is looking for. A location for something really special.

Preferably with horse riding?
During the weekend he is often ready. But there is much more to see and do on and around the snow and ice in this particular city. In Jämtli Vinterland you can see why the inhabitants of Östersund like this winter. There is even a walk to this winter park from the ice. For children and adults there is a lot to see and do indoors and outdoors. Sometimes you can make your ice sculpture yourself.

Arctura is a high tower of the energy company; on the top floor is a restaurant with a great view. Also check out; There is a webcam on the tower with life images. In the evening the tower has the lighting of the colors of the northern lights.

Background information about the skating range
On February 15, 2002, Norrland's first long-distance skating range was taken into use. The swept track on the Storsjön in Jämtland near Östersund lies in one of Sweden's most beautiful natural areas. The sweeping trail runs from Badhusparken in the center of Östersund via Brunfloviken to an old stone farm at Marieby. Back and forth this is a 20 km stretch. In order to keep the ice cream well protected, the ice is regularly wiped, planed and thinned as needed. A project has been launched under the name of Vinterstaden, where skaters, cross-country skiers and hikers have their own route on this lake. Vinderstaden works together with the energy company Jämtkraft. It is intended to maintain the route until early April. If the findings are positive there are plans to start other routes to the towns around Storsjö. The course is a few hundred meters from hotels and entertainment centers.

Welcome to the ice of Östersund.

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