Snowracen Hammarstrand

Hammarstrand has a lot to offer as a winter sports area The Kullstaberget has a lot of skiing, cross-country skiing, tobogganing and of course fantastic snow racing!


Hammarstrand's Toboggan Club has an 1100-meter long track designed for snow racing circuit that is a speedy experience that you can not get anywhere else. Take your whole family with you and feel the excitement of the moment. You can go down with your own snow racer or you can also hire one.


A nice fact is that next to the Snow race course is the original bobsleigh track where world championships are held.

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Koppelhällsvägen 18

84432 Hammarstrand

Jämtland Sverige

GPS: x: 7001280  y: 1527200

GPS : 63°07’14.43”N 16°20’38.83”E

TEL: 0046 (0)76-825 93 20


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