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Central Sweden peculiar Jämtland is considered one of the best areas to see Beavers in the wild. Central Sweden is an area with lots of lakes, rivers and forests. The most important thing is of course the Birch. This type of tree is the food source of the beaver and is located at many lakes along the waterfront. Here the Beavers are only too happy to gnaw. The beavers also make castles and dams that can be very recognizable.

You go 3 to 4  hours in a canoe under the guidance of an experienced guide. The goal is to spot the beaver who builds on his castle. Here on the river construction work is in progress, the beaver is not building it is collecting food. It is a busy owner and it is almost certain that you see a beaver at work. You also have a chance that you see the king of the forest the Elk and if you are very quiet the bear can also be spotted but that is really lucky.


Includes: Transport from Hammarstrands Camping to the start and back, useful if the customer can bring a carGuide throughout the tourCanoe rental, paddles, life jacket, helmet, 1 waterproof bag per canoe.


Practical info: We recommend starting around 6pm, when the beavers are most active. Order a fika from us for on the way.

This is an experience that you must have done.

For more information about our guided beaversafari send an email 

Beavers safari by canoe

At Hammarstrands camping the beavers they can be very busy. You see where they have been working and if it is okay and you are sitting peacefully by the river you see the beaver in action.

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