Fishing in Jämtland

Jämtland is a beautiful landscape and lies in the heart of the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe. Jämtland is actually a highland area and the highest point is Storsylen with its 1728 meters above sea level. About 8 percent of the total Jämtland area consists of water and the landscape has two large rivers, Ljungan and Indalsälven, the last being the river where the campsite is located. They both start in the Scandinavian mountains and then flow eastward through the country to finally reach the Gulf of Bothnia. Water levels are usually about 300 meters above sea level. In the northernmost parts of the landscape, the mountains are about 900-1000 meters high. Source: Wikipedia

You can fish from the campsite from a jetty or from the shore. In the summer you can rent a canoe. We are happy to prepare your lunch package on the go.

In the vicinity of the campsite are several beautiful fish spots to relax and enjoy nature. Whether it is fly fishing with the fixed rod or with the casting rod it is all possible. The catch can be cleaned at the campsite and then directly on the wood fire.

The Ammerån River is less than a 10-minute drive away. This river is full of fish and fishing in this river is a pleasure. Fish courses are also given here. The Ammerån has good name recognition and is one of the top rivers in Sweden for fishing salmon and other fish.

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You can buy your fishing card at the campsite

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