Ragunda Old Church

Ragunda old church is situated in ancient Pålgård on the church hill, and is the most ancient of all in Ragunda municipality. This is a most unique church and the organ dates back to the 1700’s which is the oldest functioning organ in Jämtland, still in use.

Ragunda old church was built in the typical style of the 1400’s, but most of the interior parts were constructed in 1600/1700. The statue of St Anna is a treasure from 1520. Ragunda belonged to both Denmark and at one time Norway before becoming Swedish in 1645. Amongst other elements the Danish national weapon adorns the door of the sacristy and the pulpet is placed inside the southern wall in typical Danish-Norwegian style of the time.

During the summer months the church functions as an open church and everyone is welcome.

Ragunda Gamla Kyrka
844 91 Hammarstrand

Telephone: +46 (0)696-100 04, +46 (0)696-106 15

Email: ragunda.forsamling@svenskakyrkan.se

Website: svenskakyrkan.se/ragunda