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Flea markets in Ragundadalen

Red Cross

A nice shop nice staff run by volunteers I always pop in when I'm in the area and I always leave with something nice. Your gifts make a big difference. We convert them into aid activities through sales. Second-hand donations also contribute to sustainability: the goods last longer. Feel free to contact the store in advance to see if it is open and able to receive what you want to donate.

Centralgatan 28 A


Payment kontant en kort



Nice Loppis at Stephanie's house in the garage, Stephanie regularly gets new stuff so definitely worth a visit.

Krångede 373


Payment in cash only


Graninge Bruk Antik & Antikvariat Loppis. 

About a 40 minute drive away is a very large loppis which is big enough to sniff around all day and will certainly find something to your liking, if you are tired of browsing no problem, there is also a cafe for a small snack and of course fika.

Open all Saturdays and Sundays at. 10-16.

May 25 - August 27 every day at. 10-16.


Graninge bruk 612
882 95 Graninge
070-616 80 87

Payment in cash, cart and Swish.

This was one of the first loppis I came to when we moved to Hammarstrand. I like going there, I always find something I like. This is where I like to send my guests and if I get the chance I'll come along.


pålgård 607

Pålgård Hammarstrand

Payment in cash and Swish

kappell loppan 2 .JPG
Kapell loppan 1.JPG

Loppis Tegelbruksvägen 

Nice loppis run by Dik and Ria lovely to walk through you always find something, also for children..

Loppis Tegelbruksvägen 

Tegelbrucksvägen 36


Open Friday and Saturday from 10am to 4pm

Payment in cash and Swish.



dik 1.jpg
dik 2.jpg

Loppis Svalboet

Nice Loppis with a lot of useful stuff. Here you can sometimes find something very special really worth visiting this beautiful place.

Open from April

Utanede 405

84493 Bispgården 

Payment in cash

Loppis Annika Persson

Annika's loppis is a nice loppis you will find everything and is definitely worth a visit.


Open every weekend from May-

Ragunda 122



Payment Cash


Loppis a little further away 

Ekmans Loppis 

Ekmans Loppis.jpg

This is a very nice loppis many different things from clothing, furniture, glassware, pots, pans I have sniffed some nice things Dan and Annika are happy to help you find it if you don't see it ask Dan and Annika they have a lot of fun in. This loppis is also regularly replenished. Watch where you walk it is very full.


Håsjöbyn 127

84064 Kälarne

Payment in cash, cart and swich

Loppis Långsele Göran Sandman

Nice loppis regularly gets nice stuff inside, including furniture. Next to these loppis are 2 more loppis that I personally find less.


Opening hours

Mon-Fri 10-17

Sat 10-16 Sun 11-16

Köpmangatan 4


073 - 07 75 419

Payment in cash, cart and Swish.


Näfverede Antik & Kuriosa

Buys and sells estates, complete homes, collections and antiques.
Mainly folklore from Jämtland / Härjedalen.
Good assortment of kerosene lamps and parts.

June, July and August, open weekdays 11am-6pm.
weekends and other times of the year in consultation.

Mary & Peter

You will find us next to road 87 between Östersund

and Stugun, follow signs from the road, approx.: 2 km.


84495 Stugun

Payment in cash, cart and Swish.

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