Graninge Bruk Antik & Antikvariat Loppis. 

In about 40 minutes driving is a very big flea that is so big that you can snuggle all day and certainly find some fun of you, you're tired of sniffing, there is also a cafe for a snack and a cup of coffee is a fika.
Definitely worth a visit
Graninge Bruk originally built an iron mill in the 1670s. The mill and surroundings are a real gem in Northern Norway and is worth a visit.

Today, in spaces over 1000 square meters, there is antique and modern trade, large antique store and a large flea store with lots of gadgets and furniture.
Eventually, even the irons will be thrown back into the fire and can start smithing again and the hammer sounds like she did in the past centuries
Open all Saturdays and Sundays. 10-16.

May 25 - August 27 every day. 10-16.

Graninge bruk 612
882 95 Graninge
070-616 80 87

instagram: graniningebruk_antik