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Within 5 minutes by car or 30 minutes walk from the campsite you are in the Hammarstrand ski area.

In the vicinity of Kullstabacken you will find everything you need. The drop height is 220 meters and there is a ski school, ski rental and cafeteria.
For the familys with children, this ski slope is excellent option, as it is nicer and a bit quieter! 3 varied slopes and a children's slope with a varied offer and stunning views. Longest run is 1200m with 220m height difference.

Kullstabacken hosts the alpine competitions and events for the whole family. During the season, there are a variety of things in the area, such as playful games, honey, masquerade and other fun things.

Gullbacksvägen 19
844 32 Hammarstrand

Telephone: +46 (0)696-10051



A commercial about Hammarstrand. Recorded in the early 60's.

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